How can a brand grow by migrating from a premium to a luxury positioning?: Claus Porto’s transformative journey from a premium soap brand to a luxury lifestyle brand

This case explores how a brand can increase sales by migrating from a premium to a luxury positioning, by studying the transformative journey of the 130 years-old Portuguese brand Claus Porto from a premium soap to a luxury niche lifestyle brand, from several perspectives, i.e., strategic, marketing and commercial. Claus Porto, together with its parent brand Ach. Brito, was acquired by the Portuguese investment fund Menlo Capital in 2015. Following the acquisition, the Management team underwent efforts to reposition the brand in the luxury lifestyle segment through changes in visual identity, product portfolio, distribution, pricing, and communication strategy. As theoretical basis, the case outlines the characteristics of the luxury industry and the benefits to switch from premium to luxury. The case presents the strategy developed until December 2017, while the teaching note provides insights on how the brand should accelerate the implementation of its luxury niche positioning after December 2017.

Author: Catherine da Silveira, Pia Neuer
Reference Number: NSBE-17-20001
Number of pages: 21
Publisher: Nova School of Business and Economics
Teaching Notes: Yes
Language: English
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