Spring and Port Wine (B): The Keller Family at the crossroads

The case presents the story of Keller, a family vineyard in Portugal’s famous Douro Valley. It tells of the company’s impressive transformation and development, and in parallel shows the progressive detachment between the members of the fourth and fifth generations. In the spring of 2017, the situation seemed to have reached a point of no return, which is obviously hurting the family and the business. In essence, Michael, a fifth-generation member, CEO, and driving force behind the company’s success, now needs to decide whether to take up his sister’s suggestion of a sealed bid auction.

Author: Salvador da Cunha, Miguel Pina e Cunha, Alexandre Dias da Cunha
Reference Number: NSBE-16-20004
Number of pages: 2
Publisher: Nova School of Business and Economics
Teaching Notes: Yes
Language: English
Price: € 3,50