OECD Statistical Compendium

OECD Statistical Compendium

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OECD Statistical Compendium (via All That Stats) is an essential reference work with a macroeconomic overview of the OECD member countries, with comparable data for all 29 members and historical span from 1960 until today.

Content by OECD databases:
General Economic Problems, Economic Outlook: Statistics and Projections, Main Economic Indicators Database, National Accounts Statistics, Annual National Accounts I-IV, Central Government Debt, Quarterly National Accounts, Labour Market and Social Issues, Annual Labour Force Statistics, Labour Market Database – OECD Members Health Statistics, OECD Health Data, Financial and Fiscal Affairs Revenue Statistics, Taxing Wages, Taxes and Benefits, International Direct Investment Statistics, Banking Statistics, Industry, Science and Technology Science, Technology and R&D Statistics, OECD Research and Development Statistics, Main Science & Technology Statistics, OECD Structural Analysis Statistics, STAN Database, STAN Indicators Database, STAN Bilateral Trade Database, ANBERD Database, International Trade Statistics, Monthly Statistics of International Trade Database, International Trade by Commodity Statistics (HS88, HS96, SITC Rev.2). Internet services include access to DSI’s data archive: a collection of OECD databases ceased during the past decade, but archiving important economic questions of that period.


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