Professor Jorge Braga de Macedo: “A Renaissance economist”

“The final lesson” of Professor Jorge Braga de Macedo took place on May 25, at the rectorate, in a session that marks the highest point of an academic career, of a personality whose name went far beyond the university, with a fundamental role in Portuguese society in the economic and political space.

A “Renaissance economist” as defined by John M. Luiz in the introduction to his tribute book “Economic Globalization and Governance: Essays in Honor of Jorge Braga de Macedo” published by Springer in 2021 and available in full access in the library’s catalogue.

Internationally recognized for an extremely transversal intellectual production in the area of economics, Professor Braga de Macedo has distinguished himself in different topics, from Economic History, through Macroeconomics, International Economic Policy, among others.

The Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library recognizes the fundamental contribution of Professor Jorge Braga de Macedo in sharing knowledge, and his role in the school, as one of our most prestigious teachers. This is the list with some books from the Library’s collection authored or organized by Professor Jorge Braga de Macedo which will be displayed at the Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library, next to the informal reading area on the 1st floor.


Macro de Economia aberta: ensino e prática depois de abril

org. Jorge Braga de Macedo

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Writing to Queens while crises proceed: in memory of Manuel Jacinto Nunes

ed. Jorge Braga de Macedo

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Por onde vai a Banca em Portugal?

Jorge Braga de Macedo, Nuno Cassola, Samuel da Rocha Lopes

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Evolução recente da economia portuguesa: 1945-1985 : estudos inéditos

org. Jorge Braga de Macedo … [et al.]

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Bem comum dos portugueses

Jorge Braga de Macedo, José Adelino Maltez, Mendo Castro Henriques

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Convertibilidade cambial: Conferência Comemorativa do 140º Aniversário da Adesão de Portugal ao Padrão-Ouro

ed. Jorge Braga de Macedo, Barry Eichengreen, Jaime Reis

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Noções de análise económica

Jorge Braga de Macedo

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