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eBooks BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT – Copyright Year 2021

This collection presents the most current research across all sub-disciplines in business and management—whether it’s how scientific research on mindfulness can improve productivity in the workplace or the latest guidance on maximizing supply chain efficiency, we have it covered.

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Key topics in this collection: Operations Research and Management Information Systems; Innovation and Technology Management; Entrepreneurship and Family Business; International Business; Human Resource Management and Workplace Relations.

eBooks ECONOMICS AND FINANCE – Copyright Year 2021

This collection includes cutting-edge research and important thinking on global economic and financial topics such as economic theory and policy, econometrics, development economics, banking, and corporate finance.

Key topics in this collection: Quantitative Economics and Finance; Banking; Development Economics; Political Economy; Economic History and History of Economic Thought.

You also have full access to all the books published in 2018, 2019 and 2020 of the same 2 collections.

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