WeDo Technologies: Commitment to Excellence (C)

WeDo Technologies: Commitment to Excellence (Cases A, B and C)

These case studies describe the situation faced by WeDo Technologies when the CEO, Rui Paiva, decided to move the company to a new and challenging growth chapter. WeDo Technologies, a global software development and integration company, was founded in February 2001 as a spin-off of the SONAE’s telecommunication company Optimus. Since then, headed by Rui Paiva and his executive team, the company enjoyed strong growth and profitability, acting globally. By the end of the first decade of operations, having consolidated worldwide leadership in the Revenue Assurance and Fraud Control industry, Rui Paiva perceived that the core organisational resources of the company were strongly suited to address different business processes within companies of diverse industries. This challenge and the alternatives to pursue it are the basis of the three cases.
The cases present the core industry and the company’s evolution from inception to the moment when a new growth chapter was envisaged (Case A – Company background), the main challenges faced by We Do Technologies (internally and externally) in its current positioning (Case B – Back to the drawing board) and the strategic planning process that was adopted to develop the road ahead for the next decade (Case C – Back to the future). The case highlights the several steps of environmental scanning, strategy formulation and strategy programming and describes a strategic planning process suited for strategy thinking under uncertainty. There is information to discuss the strategic thinking and planning steps as well as the pros and cons of of the process.
This case is suited for both management and MBA students, as well as business managers and executives involved in general management strategic decisions. The case is best suited for strategy and strategic planning courses, as well as courses that use foresight methodologies as a basis to develop strategy under uncertainty.

Author: João Silveira Lobo
Reference Number: NSBE-15-16003
Number of pages: 4
Publisher: Nova School of Business and Economics
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Language: English
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