Code of Conduct

  • Respect other library users
  • Please study quietly in the Reading Rooms
  • Please do not move furniture or chairs
  • One person per study space
  • Keep the noise to a minimum in service areas
  • Users may be asked to leave the library if they are bothering other students
  • Mobile phones must be switched to silence before entering the library
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the library
  • Seats in the library may not be reserved
    If seats are left unattended for 30 minutes or longer library staff may remove belongings to free up seating for other users
  • Show care for resources and equipment
  • Users are responsible for damages and loss of materials
  • Lost books must be replaced with a new book or the user must reimburse the library for the replacement cost of the book plus a 5€ processing fee
  • Do not re-shelve Library materials. Leave them in the delivery vans

Personal Items Left Unattended

  • Please be sure to never leave your items unattended in the library! If you leave the library, take your belongings with you.