Case Studies

Faculty can order case-studies for classes in Masters Programs.
Case-studies constitute an important item in the school’s budget. Therefore, the use of case-studies is subject to approval.

Requests should be sent to

  • In Bachelor courses, case-studies should be used only rarely.
  • In Masters courses, Faculty are requested to show restraint when using case-studies, making sure that they are used only in situations where they cannot be replaced by alternative, freely available readings. If ordering cases please provide a complete list of the case titles, case reference numbers, and the dates that the cases will be used.

Moreover, since enrollment fluctuates during the first week of classes due to course changes by students, Faculty should avoid assigning case-studies during this time. This is to ensure that the School does not need to purchase case licenses unnecessarily.

The Library orders case-studies from an international clearing house. Case-studies are delivered through Moodle to Masters students.

Please allow at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the course for the order of case-studies.

Important notes

Include in your request case reference numbers, titles, and the dates that you intend to use the cases.

We would also like to remind you about the availability of case studies written and developed in-house.

Find all NovaSBE case studies here.

Our case studies are available for both internal and external use. If you wish to review inspection copies, please contact the library.

If you would like to use any of these cases in your classes please follow the same procedure as with any case study: contact the library with the case title, reference number, class, and date you wish to use the case. The library will be able to provide offical PDF versions of the cases to those who decide to adopt them for their classes. Teaching notes are also available for most cases.