How to Publish Open?

Support for OA

Support for Open Access (OA) is available to all researchers at Nova School of Business & Economics. It is important to consider OA as early as possible in the research cycle, including as part of any funding application. If you need help when preparing your application, please contact the Library.

Understanding which route to OA and how to achieve compliance is each researcher’s responsibility. The procedures below explain what steps must be taken. You can also use FCT’s Open Access decision tree to help identify what steps to take.

Image source: Funding & tender opportunities. European Commission.


Responsibility for compliance

Researchers are responsible for compliance with any conditions of publication made by external funders.

Papers written by students, postgraduate students and postdoctoral staff

Papers written by students, postgraduate students and postdoctoral staff are usually co-authored by a member of Nova SBE staff, usually the supervisor, though this varies in some disciplines. For such papers, the supervisor is the person responsible for compliance. When a paper is written solely by a student, postgraduate student or postdoctoral staff member it is the responsibility of the supervisor to alert the author of all conditions that apply to the publication, including upload to Pure and RUN.

Papers with co-authors at other Universities

Where papers are co-authored by researchers not employed by Nova SBE, the Nova SBE lead author must take responsibility for ensuring the paper is uploaded to Pure and, if required or seen as desirable, made available in an Open Access format requiring payment of an APC. It is the responsibility of the lead author to make their co-authors aware of the requirements of the institution. Where research receives external funding, it is usually the responsibility of the principal investigator to pay any costs associated with Open Access publication.

Green Open Access Publication in RUN – Universidade Nova de Lisboa’ Repository

Upon acceptance of any article, the lead author must add the publication’s metadata and upload its own final accepted manuscript in Pure. The record and document will then be made available in Nova SBE research profiles, Nova Research Portal and RUN. This manuscript should be the version accepted by the publisher. The article should include corrections after peer review but should not have been copyedited or typeset by the publisher. The Pure team will advise on publishers’ policies toward Open Access and ensure any required embargoes are applied before files are made available in Pure and RUN.

Outputs financed by FCT

Any article accepted for publication that has been supported by a FCT grant should be deposited in one of the open access repositories hosted within RCAAP as soon as possible, preferably immediately upon acceptance for publication. To comply with this policy all publications must also acknowledge the funder in the publication. This should be done by including the full name of the funder and the grant number, in the following format:

“This work was funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Grant number)”.

RUN – Institutional Repository

RUN is the repository of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Depositing in RUN improves the online visibility of your research, making it easier for a global audience of researchers to discover and reference your work. RUN is also one of the open access repositories hosted within RCAAP allowing you to comply with FCT funding policies.


Pure is the central source of data about research outputs at Nova SBE, by depositing details of your work in Pure it informs other systems at the University, including RUN, about your activity without the need to duplicate information. Further information about depositing to Pure is available here.

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