Marketline training webinar (March)

Marketline is promoting a series of training webinars in English (open to all Nova SBE students) starting in March with Top tips for utilising our data & analysis

About this webinar:

Objective: To better understand our cross comparative quantitative datasets, along with where to find the qualitative data, what it looks like as well as how to export it.

Ideal audience – New users within Academic and Corporate.

Blurb: An in-depth and detailed overview of our databases section, followed by our Analysis section, concentrating on the vital qualitative datasets that we have to offer.

This webinar will cover: Key industry information across a range of sectors through dwelling into our Industry Statistics and Consumer Data Analytics. We will also cover Country and City Statistics, looking into fundamental economic indicators along with pivotal demographic information. This will then move onto our Analysis section, focusing in on Industry Profiles, Company Profiles, Theme Reports, Country and City Profiles, Country and Risk Reports and Analyst Insights.

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3rd Mar 3pm GMT

10th Mar 3pm GMT

17th Mar 3pm GMT:

24th Mar 3pm GMT

31st Mar 3pm GMT