Interlibrary Loan

The Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL) is available to help you obtain material not available at the Library. The service is available to staff and students with a valid NovaSBE identification card and covers a wide range of material such as books, journal articles, conference papers, and theses. Only material to support academic study, teaching or research may be requested.

Before you submit a request please search the Library’s resources to ensure that the item you require is not available or speak with a staff member.


Prices and Conditions
Requesting Library
Photocopies0,25€ / page
Hardcopy or PDF5€ / article
Monographs8€ / book+ handling and shipping
(maximum 3 books per request)


Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library accepts IFLA vouchers

Borrowing period must not exceed 15 days.

“Short loan collection” and journals are excluded from ILL.

When our Library requests an item from another library, prices depend on the supplier and are charged accordingly to users.

The library establishes loan protocols with other national or international libraries in order to obtain these materials and is responsible for its proper use.