Passport sustainability page

A newly launched Sustainability page is now available in Passport.

This page provides access to a wealth of data and insights specific to sustainability, including:

  • Sustainable Living Claims Tracker – identify the most attractive countries and categories for expansion of products with sustainability claims
    • Evaluate 47 product claims and attributes related to sustainability across 30,000+ brands, 1,000 plus retailers in 40 countries
  • Voice of the Industry: Sustainability Survey Dashboard – understand competitors’ strategies and how they are tapping into sustainability trends
    • Get the views of more than 1,500 industry professionals across FMCG industries on the topic of sustainability and see how those views are changing over time
  • Sustainability reports – read expert insights, such as Sustainability Post-COVID-19 and Environmental Sustainability: Country Performance and Product Claims

To learn more about this topic, please feel free to download this global webinar How to Attract and Win Sustainable Consumers. The Passport experts will discuss go-to-market strategies, dive into green activism and attitudes, and provide a sneak peek of their new Sustainability product launching in Q4 2022.