We hear you!

In the first week of June, users who visited the library found a large whiteboard in the informal area, a sharing mural that captured the attention of everyone who somehow passed through our space these days.

We asked for opinions and offered candy, you contributed with several post-its, with very meaningful (and fun) shares about your experience at the library and some of the points we can improve.

The best focus place, ideal to study, but also for the very important breaks of an academic day (with naps in the puffs if possible) were just some of the comments received. It is very significant to receive so much feedback that considers the library as a 2nd home or a safe space. This is a part of what we want as a space.

But it’s not all roses, and in a very objective way, you shared with us some points of improvement that can contribute even more to a better experience when using our services.


We listened, reflected, and decided on some changes to meet your expectations:



>We would like to drink coffee in here – It is a hot topic in all libraries. Food and drinks are often the cause of accidents, and to avoid damage to electronic material, destroyed books and furniture with stains for life, they are not allowed inside library spaces. Based on your requests, for a trial period, coffee with a lid is allowed in the library. Please be mindful and choose sustainable cups

>AC please – There were many requests related to the temperature of the library. Effectively, we identified that in periods of greater occupancy the temperature felt on the second floor is very different from that felt on the first floor. The problem is identified and we are working with Facilities to resolve this issue in the short term.

> Booking is too complicated– To make the process more agile, we decided to simplify the booking form so that it is not necessary to enter so much information. The rest of the booking and check-in process remains unchanged and we remind you that it is essential to ensure your study space in the library.

“Water dispenser” – We get a lot of post-its asking for water dispensers in the library. The library floor is not the most suitable for contact with water and the points where it would be possible to install a dispenser are not indicated for this purpose. In this case, to proceed with the refill, you must go to the nearest dispensers located in the food court.


Thank you very much for your participation. The Library is an open space for your opinions and suggestions! We are always in touch. Any question can be shared by email through library@novasbe.pt