SDG Pathfinder

The SDG Pathfinder is an open digital discovery tool, powered by the OECD, providing quick access to content related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This tool applies an SDG lens to policy content from six international organisations.

Content coverage includes curated analysis (books, chapters, articles, papers, etc.), extracted via artificial intelligence based on advanced machine-learning technologies and Natural Language Processing. The SDG Pathfinder offers analysis for each SDG:

  • 17 thematic views – one per SDG.
  • Hundreds of topical views – based on an index of key topics defining the SDGs.
  • A cross-cutting view – a topic map covering the conceptual connections between SDGs.

What’s in it for you?

  • Discover the key topics behind each SDG.
  • Access SDG-related analysis (~7000 documents).
  • Explore the conceptual links between SDGs.
  • Create reading lists for reference.

Which content will you find ?

The SDG Pathfinder pools analytical content, published from 2010 onwards, from six international organisations:

For more information check the SDG Pathfinder’s website.