Artificial intelligence: the next step (bibliographic exhibition)

ChatGPT has been a trending topic and has provided a lively debate on the impact of artificial intelligence on our lives, in fundamental sectors of our society such as the economy, work, education, etc.

The subject is not new, but the emergence of a tool that answers all our questions in a very efficient way has aroused great curiosity in public opinion. It would probably be necessary to go back about 30 years to find such enthusiasm in human-machine interaction in the web environment.

How to regulate the algorithm, its ethical limits, its role in the transformation of teaching, its potential in a new construction of power, are some of the many important reflections on this new stage that humanity is going through.

To encourage research and debate, the library has prepared a small bibliographical exhibition, with some of the books and eBooks from its collection on artificial intelligence in its different approaches. All these books are already available at the Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library, next to the informal reading area on the 1st floor.

You can also access a vast amount of journal articles available in subscribed databases through our content aggregator, NOVA Discovery.