Biotecnol: Financing a Cure for Cancer in Portugal

Biotecnol was the first pharmaceutical biotechnology start-up in Portugal. In 1996 this was still an emerging business in most of the world, with the initial success cases centered in the United States (Amgen, Chiron and Genentech). This case discusses the first steps of a new biotech start-up in Portugal, the evolution of its strategy, and the way financing and investment had to be readjusted to fit the company goals. This case allows a broad discussion on the match of adequate investment policy with the strategy when the business knowledge of the founders and the dynamics of a recent business branch require fast changes. The biotech start-up business model (specialized services, proprietary products, or the hybrid model) can be discussed based on Biotecnol’s case, as well as the adequate investment plan for the chosen strategy: type of investment, investor profile, local or international partnership, etc. Biotecnol also provides a good case for discussing the strategy of small countries in the global business of new biopharmaceuticals: local business or relocation to more developed markets, namely the US.
This case can easily fit into the introduction to an Entrepreneurship or Entrepreneurial Finance course, as it evokes relevant finance questions.

Author: Martim Alves da Silva, Paulo Soares de Pinho
Reference Number: NSBE-16-15002
Number of pages: 21
Publisher: Nova School of Business and Economics
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Language: English
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