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The CRSP US Mutual Funds Database (available via WRDS) provides open-ended mutual fund data for over 24,725 (approximately 8,710 dead funds and 16,015 live) open-ended funds of all investment objectives: Equity funds, taxable and municipal bond funds, international funds, and money market funds.

The CRSP US Mutual Funds Database contains live funds as well as funds that have not survived over time. Dead funds are traditionally removed from performance returns in mutual fund data. Thus the survivor-bias free fund data can be used as a more accurate performance benchmark. More information at Chicago-Booth

Guide for CRSP Mutual Funds

* Masters and PhD students may register for an account on the WRDS website. Students will then need to wait to be verified before access is granted by the system. When registering always use your university email account. Once your account is verified you may access this resource remotely.

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