Do you know RUN (Universidade Nova de Lisboa’s Repository)?

The academic year is ending. For many students it is just a transition, it is time to follow their academic path, starting a new journey towards the master’s degree. it’s time to think of a topic to develop, a subject to explore in a future workproject.

But what do we want to do? What area of study should I dedicate myself to? What has been done in master’s work at NOVASBE?

Universidade Nova de Lisboa’s Repository (RUN) aims to collect, store, manage, preserve and give access to the university’s intellectual production. If you are looking for a source of inspiration and would like to look up some of the work that has been done by fellow masters in previous years, RUN is the right place. Here you can consult all the workproject defended at NSBE, many of them in open access with full text available.

You can explore multiple documents by title, author, advisor or subject. This is an excellent starting point for our investigation, and a very useful way to start exploring topics of interest and potential advisors.

Check the Run page and if you have any questions, contact the library team.