Emerald eBooks Trial

Emerald insight is a recognized database of journals, books, and case studies, often with a practical emphasis, covering business subjects (management, marketing, accounting, human resource management and information management). Emerald offers access to 120 full-text journals and reviews from top management journals and the library subscribes to some packages, including Business, Management & Strategy; HR, Learning & Organizational Studies; Marketing Operations, Logistics & Quality; Tourism & Hospitality Management.

Until February 28th the NovaSBE community has access to a trial of 3000 eBooks that are not included in our current subscription. This is the opportunity to access and download eBooks that you can keep in your personal library and contribute to an evidence-based acquisition.

On-campus access can be done directly on the Emerald platform. For off-campus authentication, you must use your institutional credentials (username and password). You will only need to authenticate once to start an 8-hour-long OpenAthens session. During that time, you will not be asked to authenticate again regardless of the number of different content platforms you visit.