EU alignment and OS project

«When researchers share knowledge and data as early as possible in the research process with all relevant actors, it helps diffuse the latest knowledge. And when partners from across academia, industry, public authorities and citizen groups are invited to participate in the research and innovation process, creativity and trust in science increase.» (in )

This article aims to inform you about European alignment with Open Science (OS) practices and requirements for projects funded by the EU. As you may know, European Commission promotes a mindset of openness and sharing to better build a knowledge society, capable of collaboration and co-creation, as OS «improves the quality, efficiency and responsiveness of research».

It is important to note that European projects envision specific guidelines regarding FAIR principles, Open Access publications, Open Access data, and data management plans (DMPs), and other research achievements. To know more about Research Data Management and best practices for your funded work project check out the library’s website.

One of the projects that contribute to leveraging OS in Europe is the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) which works as an enabler structure that aims to be a sharing and multi-disciplinary environment for research, innovation and educational purposes.

More than a goal, OS is an ambition to make cultural changes in the way research is carried out, documented and disseminated, to create structures that support the scientific advance and a citizen culture in Europe.