SDG 4 – Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Our alignment with SGD4 this month reminded us of our purpose as an academic library.

We advocate inclusive services and learning opportunities, as well as easy accessibility to knowledge.

As an academic Library, our aim is to help you achieve the best results as a student. To do this, we try to have the best resources available, but we also offer services to support you, such as a reference service to help you with our resources (Circulation & Reference – NOVA SBE Library)  guidance about reference managers (Mendeley & Zotero – NOVA SBE Library ) and citation styles (APA Style & Citation – NOVA SBE Library).

This month we have selected a list of books and eBooks about research methodologies, master thesis writing and methods for data analysis. Hope you find them useful for your work project. If you have any questions or you need further information send an e-mail.

Suggested eBooks:

Using arts-based research methods: creative approaches for researching business, organisation and humanities

The Routledge companion to qualitative accounting research methods

Research methodology in marketing: theory development, empirical approaches and philosophy of science Considerations

Qualitative methodologies in organization studies

Innovative research methodologies in management