The library’s website birthday!!

The library’s website celebrates its 2nd anniversary today!!

The website is the main communication channel between the Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library and the Nova SBE community. During these two years, the library has been improving its site, creating an interface and contents that are increasingly closer to the needs of our users.

This is the gateway to Nova SBE subscribed resources. Through the A to Z list, our users have at their disposal a large set of available databases.

During these two years, the highlight goes to databases such as Sabi, Orbi, Statista and Passport Euromonitor, databases with the highest demand on the website.

It is through the page that the Library creates value-added content for the academic path of the SBE community.

Sections dedicated to Open Science, Research Data Management or Research Profiles for Faculty, and more targeted content for students, with very specific guidelines to assist in the use of available resources.

Highlight for the contents on Bibliographic management, namely the assistance in the use of the Chicago Style, which has been one of the most accessed pages on the site, fundamental to support our students who are in the final phase of their workprojects.

We will continue producing content, creating news that promote our resources, so that the entire SBE community can make the most of what is available.

Special credits to Miguel Mimoso Correia, designer of ourĀ  website, wherever you are, thank you!