What are the most read library books in 2022?

In recent years, the library has focused on acquiring digital resources that allow its users to access information more immediately and remotely, with all the benefits associated.

2022 saw the end of the pandemic and was a year totally free of restrictions, which allowed readers to have more direct access to our collection of physical books, which are still very important in the dynamics of the library, even with the growth in the use of digital resources.

This is the list of the most loaned books of 2022, at the Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos library:


Intermediate Macroeconomics

Robert J. Barro, Angus C. Chu, Guido Cozzi

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Análise em Rn 

Patrícia Xufre, Pedro Luís Silva, Diogo Mendes

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Austan Goolsbee, Steven Levitt, Chad Syverson

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Why nations fail : the origins of power, prosperity and poverty

Daron Acemoglu, James A. Robinson

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Introductory econometrics : a modern approach

Jeffrey M. Wooldridge

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