Corticeira Amorim

Corticeira Amorim’s history provides a basis for a stimulating debate within the context of two broad areas: Family-Owned Businesses (FOBs) and Strategic Management. FOB because, given the company’s family ownership since ever, it has a set of features that are typical in this type of firms and deserves a reflection. Strategic Management because, throughout its history, the company had to make strategic decisions, notably on what and how to compete, which is interesting to scrutinize also linking to its FOB profile. The case provides information and insights which drive students (notably post-graduates and executives) to the discussion of themes and concepts within these areas, such as family businesses, long term management/leadership, patient capital, verticalisation, internationalization, incremental/radical innovation, knowledge/innovation management and explicit/implicit knowledge.

Author: Paulo Valdada Serra, Miguel Pina e Cunha & Soumodip Sarkar
Reference Number: NSBE-15-16007
Number of pages: 31
Publisher: Nova School of Business and Economics
Teaching Notes: Yes
Language: English
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