Taylor Swift and the next Era: Brand building through loyalty

The case follows Taylor Swift’s evolution from a teenage country singer to an award-winning pop musician of unprecedented artistic and commercial success, detailing her approach to consistent brand building and customer loyalty development. The case begins with the Ticketmaster incident, in which over 14 million fans tried to buy a ticket to Swift’s Eras concert, only to crash the website and cause the cancelation of the public sale and even a US Senate hearing. To explain how the artist managed to have such a strong, loyal fan base, the case outlines her ability to successfully go through different music genres, while engaging with her fans in a unique and personal way. The case also examines Swift’s fanbase, providing demographic information, as well as their perceptions of the artist and the fan community to showcase the drivers of their loyalty and the ways they engage with each other. As Swift seems to be entering a new era in her life after a stellar year, the question arises as to how she can continue her success with her current fan base maintaining their loyalty, while trying to acquire new fans.

Author: Joana Drago Mitzlaff, Sofia Kousi
Reference Number: NSBE 17-23006
Number of pages: 19
Publisher: Nova School of Business and Economics
Teaching Notes: Yes
Language: English
Price: 3,50