The Navigator Company: Getting ready for crises before being caught by them

This business case showcases how The Navigator Company (a Portuguese company and Europe’s largest printing and writing paper manufacturer) handled different crises and how crisis communication management helped protect the company’s reputation. It highlights the importance of ahead preparation and covers crisis communication key principles. It describes how some fundamental principles of crisis communication were activated, depending on their nature (using real examples of crises due to an accident, an attack and employees misconduct). It offers students a crisis communication framework that helps them level up a crisis communication approach and make faster and better decisions, as well as prepare a crisis Press Release (PR).

The teaching notes include a set of questions the instructor can use for different skills-building, teaching suggestions and support materials (including handouts and visuals to be used in class). An extra note is offered at the end (Research Note).

Author: Sofia Bué Alves, Jorge Velosa
Reference Number: NSBE 15-23001
Number of pages: 14
Publisher: Nova School of Business and Economics
Teaching Notes: Yes
Language: English
Price: € 3,50