Social Sciences Datalab – About



Social Sciences DataLab provides access to the most complete set of bibliographic and statistical databases that are essential for conducting advanced research in the Social Sciences, with a focus on the areas of Economics, Finance and Management.
In association with several public institutions, it also offers the research community access to unique large datasets with microdata.
DataLab supports the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) project, providing comparable data on ageing in Europe, in partnership with Universidade do Minho.

Entrepreneurship, innovation, and education constitute cross-disciplinary fields of study for the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation. The importance attributed to the formulation of new policies for overcoming the economic and social crisis will make the datasets on education, entrepreneurship, business structure, and finance a major asset to develop cutting-edge research.

The team

Miguel A. Ferreira – Scientific Director 

Paulo Marques – System Administrator