Open Science


From 12 to 16 February, ICPSR will be hosting a series of exciting events and activities that you won’t want to miss during the International Love Data Week 2024, a fantastic celebration of all things research data. To register for these events and find out more information, please visit: We also welcome researchers to...
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In 2023, the Teresa and Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library released a series of posts intended for the scientific research community. The initial post provided general information on recent research, followed by a compilation of publications that have had a significant impact. An explanation of the information ecosystem used by the school to manage research...
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Last month Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library launched a page to gather information about Open Science, which can be defined as: “an inclusive construct that combines various movements and practices aiming to make multilingual scientific knowledge openly available, accessible and reusable for everyone, to increase scientific collaborations and sharing of information for the...
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