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The academic year is ending. For many students it is just a transition, it is time to follow their academic path, starting a new journey towards the master’s degree. it’s time to think of a topic to develop, a subject to explore in a future workproject. But what do we want to do? What area of...
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The 23rd April is World Book and Copyright Day In the Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library we are concerned with building a collection that allows our users, students, faculty and staff, to go a little beyond the “must read”. Reading for pleasure and not for obligation is essential to improve our literacy rates and...
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The hard days of a master’s student: the submission of work projects. The Library team is here to help you with the bibliographic references for your work. Register for the Library’s Citations Lab which will run until May 20th, with one-on-one meetings to support the creation of citations and bibliographic references with the Chicago Style 17h...
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